Enjoy the grounding and healing power of massage - invigorate and restore your body to its natural state of balance - as nature intended.

Welcome. My name is Marie Lapiejko - creator, founder and owner of Zemyna Massage Therapy. I am dedicated to guiding and supporting your spiritual, emotional & physical health and well being. 

Located within Circle Health Altona North, a place where like minded practitioners work closely together to bring you quality services within a supportive and safe environment – the perfect place for you to relax and truly begin the journey towards better health and well being.

My experience and passion is working with people who have a diagnosis or history of cancer and/or undergoing conventional treatment for cancer as well as working with the elderly, in particular massage for supportive dementia care. 

All treatments are conducted in a private, healing space to ensure your comfort and discretion at all times. Techniques and treatments may include a variety of approaches and are always tailored specifically to your needs.

Conditions which can benefit from regular massage include:

  • postural imbalance

  • menstrual tension

  • anxiety

  • fibromyalgia

  • pregnancy

  • allergies

  • insomnia

  • arthritis

  • diabetes

  • surgery

  • tension headaches

  • eczema

  • MS

  • muscular/joint pain

  • inhibited flexibility

  • asthma

  • fatigue

  • IBS

  • overuse injuries

  • coughs/cold/flu


More than ever, good health is the vital ingredient to maintaining a state of balance and harmony. Over time, regular bodywork has a cumulative effect assisting your body to heal itself in many ways, such as:

  • Lowering the levels of stress, anxiety and fatigue of the nervous system

  • Reducing musculoskeletal pain and tension

  • Aids in the increased flexibility of joints which provides improved range of motion

  • Dilates the blood vessels to help stimulate and nourish the skin for improved condition

  • Lowers heart rate inducing deep relaxation allowing your body to rest and heal

  • Aids in faster and more efficient removal of metabolic build up within the body by stimulating the lymphatic system into action

  • Assisting your body to digest, convert and utilise essential minerals, nutrients and vitamins more efficiently

  • Promotes deep and restorative sleep patterns which is essential for cell production in the body

‘Because all life came from the Lithuanian earth-goddess Zemyna, she was honored at the birth of every child. Her image was tenderly kissed in the morning and the evening; food offerings were laid in front of stones, tied to tree boughs, or cast into flowing water to thank her for the New Life. Her name means "Earth", and the Baltic poems exalt her for productiveness by calling her "blossomer", "bud raiser", and "flower-giver". Her special area of concern was plant life-not only foodstuffs but weeds, trees, the algae of ponds, and the arctic lichen. Trees with three leaves or nine branches were especially connected with Zemyna; the oak, the linden, and the spruce were her favorite trees.’ - Justin Denton