About Marie


Trained and qualified Remedial,Oncology and Shiatsu therapist with over a decade of combined clinical and educational experience.

My approach to each person who walks through the door is to guide them towards complete control of their own health and well being by encouraging the body, mind and soul to heal – the whole package.

In a world that demands so much of our time and energy, the physical effects of being constantly switched on and under stress results in a body that shows the signs of premature aging, exaggerated postures and high levels of discomfort, pain and even dis-ease. This then impacts on a person’s psychological well being and if not attended to,  creates a discord with spiritual purpose leaving a cycle of ongoing dis-function and distress.

Observing and assessing the body in these various states of distress will help to determine the best way forward with your treatment. Allowing you permission to safely explore your health within a private and healing space.

My own life journey as a human being enables me to draw from the many experiences to tailor a treatment which focuses in on your particular needs creating a nurturing and healing massage to ease away any tension leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed.  

Throughout my own life I have had the good fortune of experiencing the benefits of nurtured and supported touch along my journey of pure joy as well as the many challenges. It was not until my most challenging of times with breast cancer that I truly experienced the powerful effects of touch – my own mother simply stroking my hand in hospital during chemotherapy treatment!

My health crisis was the spark that ignited in me the desire to create and maintain my own health and well being and it is this passion and desire that guides me to support people along their journey towards better health, well being and the effects of touch to support healing. 

My areas of special interest include:

  • massage for people living with cancer in particular supporting and strengthening the body through the active treatment process

  • elderly massage to help renew and strengthen feelings of connection (Dementia friendly clinic)

  • pregnancy massage to help support mum and baby through the many changes.

Good Health, Love and Joy to All!

Marie Lapiejko - Dip RMT


Bachelor Dementia Care
Diploma Remedial Massage
Accredited Oncology Massage Therapist
Accredited Shiatsu Practitioner
Accredited Member Massage & Myotherapy Australia (Health Fund accredited)
Certificate IV TAE
Working with Children Accredited Victoria